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Whether you’re planning new development on one of your properties or simply want to remove a group of dead trees around your home, trust in American Tree & Stump for fast, professional land clearing in Fayetteville. Safely removing trees and brush in a timely manner can be a challenging task, but our experienced tree care team has the resources and knowledge to tackle any tree removal job, big or small. We help North Carolina landowners with lot clearing for a variety of reasons, including:

Reasons For Land Clearing in North Carolina

Long before any construction project can begin, the lot will likely need to be cleared of vegetation, rocks, trees, and other obstacles. Only then can the land be graded and the foundation be laid to any building or other structure. Our lot clearing team works hard to provide consistent, timely service to help keep your new development moving forward on time and on budget. These are other reasons you may need land and lot clearing services:

  • Increase Usable Space Outside the Home – Many homeowners in North Carolina have a large amount of unused space on their land that may be overgrown with crowded trees and unruly brush. Clearing away some of this land is a great way to gain some extra space in the back yard for a storage shed or swing set for instance. Or you could plant the garden you’ve always wanted or give your dog some extra space to run around. You could even make room for a swimming pool, gazebo, or expanded patio area. The increased space opens up almost limitless possibilities.
  • Improve Home Value – Some strategic land clearing can potentially increase a home’s value. Areas of vegetation can become overgrown over time which may negatively impact the health of trees around your home. Beautiful, mature trees are well known for being major selling points for virtually any property. American Tree & Stump will develop a plan to save the trees that are capable of thriving and remove the diseased or dead trees. This will help stimulate new growth and give more room for plants that can enhance curb appeal.
  • Remove Hazards On Property – Trees that have suffered damage from storms, disease, or lack of nourishment pose a hazard to both loved ones and your property. Unhealthy branches are more likely to break away from a tree when under the strain of heavy wind or ice, potentially falling on your roof or vehicle, or causing injury to people or pets. Storms alone cause an enormous amount of damage every year in the U.S., but by clearing away some of these unhealthy or dangerous trees, a lot of these problems can be minimized or alleviated altogether.
  • Clear Undeveloped Land – If you’ve recently purchased a plot of land and need to prepare for a well, septic tank, access road, or just about any other project, chances are you’re going to need to clear at least some of the land. The team at American Tree & Stump knows how to clear lots safely and quickly, allowing you to focus on the project at hand.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons you may need lot clearing services in the Fayetteville NC area. American Tree & Stump has been in the tree service business for over 20 years and offers the quality and professional service you expect from a top-notch tree care company. Give us a call today and we’ll come out to your location for a free lot clearing estimate.

Call American Tree & Stump For Your Fayetteville NC Land Clearing Needs

For superior service with land clearing for your Fayetteville home or business, let American Tree & Stump get the job done right. Trust in our certified arborists to remove brush, trees, bushes, and stumps from your property so you focus on your next project. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer care, serving clients in the entire Fayetteville NC area including Sanford, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, and Spring Lake. Call us today to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced arborists.


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